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70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
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Above - Timne at The 415 Club
This group of pictures is from a street dance Timne did for a TEEN CLUB called the 415 Club in San Mateo, California.  The event was dated August 25, 1968 and the band included: Martin Espinosia on the right, Fayden Holmboe, George Miller (Unseen behind Fayden), Mark Lightcap, and Bruce Marelich.
Timne 1967 to 1968
Pepsi Cola "Battle Of The Bands"
Pepsi Cola &
American Airlines
Battle Of The Bands, July 1967
The Guys had Just changed their name from "The Blue Fever" to "Timne".When our friends a Sherman and Clay came up with a new Battle of the Bands to compete in, only this time it was even bigger.
The winner of this one got a trip to Disneyland and Hollywood on an American Airlines 707 Astrojet.
They also got to Play in the American Airlines Starfinder Show which is headlined by Country Joe & The Fish, (Not So Sweet Marth Lorraine), and the famed Head Lights.
Timne won the Pepsi Cola Battle of the Bands and played with "Country Joe And The Fish" on a stae at the peninsula Drive In in Burlingame California July of 1967.  I was a memorable night for the band and their many fans.  the group consisted of: Bruce Marelich, Mark Lightcap, Martin Espinosa, Fayden Holmboe and Geore Miller.
Timne at the Rifle Range.
Dereks Back from the Army
Fayden and George Miller left the band in 1968. Just after June the band changed their name to The Hodological Mandala which means "The Uncertain Wheel of Life". .
These photo's were taken around the time that the band changed their name to "The Hodological Mandala" which roughly translated to "The Uncertain Wheel of Life". Fayden Holmboe and George Miller left the band right after these photo's were taken so they were never used.  They were shot down the street from the Hillman Band House.
415 Club Street Dance in San Mateo  August 28, 1968
Timnes First 45   July 22. 1967
Recording by George De Poila,  On the
Action Recording Label
":Love Lock Temperature Drop"
By Fayden Holmboe
"Peter Pan Blowup" the flip side
By Fayden Humbole