We will recreate the history and material of the band  The Blue Fever 1965 to 1967
Timne  1967  Laural Street Aparment is band house. Then 1905 Hillman, Belmont Hills  Band house.
Hodological Mandala  1968-1969
Kodiac - JustUs  1969 -1970  44 Celalo Lane, Atherton, band house
Uther Pendragon 1971-1978  215 Chester Street band house.
Band Members
Bruce Marelich, Lead Singer, Lead Guitar
Mark Lightcap, Guitar, Singer, background vocals.
Martin Espinosa, Background singer, Bass Guitar
Mike Beers, Drummer, Singer

Phil Holmboe, Lead Singer, Guitar Jan1967- Nov 1968
George Miller, Drummer, Background Singer  May 1967-1969
Derek French, Drummer, 1965-1967, 1970
Gary Mora,Drummer,1971
Doug Williams, Organ, Background Singer  19641968
Mike Beers, Drummer, Singer, 1972-1979

Uther Pendragon
The Rock Band
San Francisco Rock & Roll Band from 1969 to 1979
Welcome to our new web site! This is where you can learn more about us. I will chronicle the rock band Pendragon, as well as the rock world of the period.
Pendragon, Playing at a Gilroy California Club around 1977-78.  Left to right: Bruce Marelich, lead guitar , and lead singer, Mark Lightcap, guitar, singer, Mike Beers,  drummer, singer, & Martin Espinosa, bass guitar, singer.
Bruce Marelich
lead singer & lead guitar
Martin Espinosa
bass guitar, singer
Mark Lightcap
guitar, singer
Site Created by: Craig R Pedersen, Manager & Producer
Mike Beers
Drummer & Singer
When I first moved to the San Francisco, bay area, it was into a flat across the street for the building site of the "New" Science building, on the corner of seventh street.  Along with looking for a job to pay the bills, I was her to find my way into the bergining rock music business and the much talked about "San Francisco Sound".te
Along with the Vejtables, there was "The Turtles", The Beau Brummels", "The We Five", And a new group whos albums I had seen at the college book store "The Grateful Dead." There were others but these are the one's I was aware of at the time. I had worked with the Vejtables, who's Guitarist Bob Bailey had told me in a gig I had Hired them for at Allan Hancock JC in Santa Maria, "San Francisco is the place to be if you are interested in the music business."
The first Job I got Was in San Carlos Calif, at Lytton Industries, make radar and Micro wave tubes.  Working in the machne shop there was a very tall, (taller than I am at 6 foot 5 inches) Guy who was playing with a group Called "Timne".  They practiced at a shooting range several blocks from the place we worked and the practiced from midnight to around 6 or 7 AM.  Knowing I was Interested  Bruce Marelich invited me to attend. 
The Practice lasted all night, and the next day we got to know each other, I got along well with Bruce, from work, and the next day, I found I got along well with Martin Espinosa as well. that evening, the three of us and I think Mark as well went to the old San Carlos Theater where we saw the recently released, Clint Eastwood film The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, and a Film Called Beach Red. 
Bruce had Paula Espinosa for a girlfreind and she was his girlfriend until April 1979, after the band broke up.  They were the long term couple of the band, the only one that lasted the entire history of the band, eleven years.
Along withxt.
That was the beginning of my association with this group that will eventuall become known as Pendragon.  The name "Timne"  didn't last even a few months from that day, not because of not liking the name, a group from Oakland had put out an incredible album which was all over the charts. The chart hit for the Chambers Brothers was called "Time", but several people had asked us if that was us and we knew that we had to change it.  We changed it to "Kodiak"  Which lasted only slightly over a year., then we played under "Justus" for a short time.
Bruce and I got an apartment in Belmont  that was quite small, and would never have worked out as a band house and we only lived there  few months.   Around the time we were getting ready to move again, The news cae over the television that Bobby Kennedy had been shot and killed in Los Angeles.   I remember that Mary the hooker had come down from San Francisco to see e and the Sky was the strangest Blood red color that evening, to the east , not the west, and we had both mentioned it before we heard the news.

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Pendragon "Realm Of The Seven Plains"
By: Martin Espinosa, Mark Lightcap, Bruce Marelich
We changed it again, to "Hodological Mandala" When we All moved to the 1905 Hillman, Belmont, Band House  which we moved out of just before I went into the Army destined for Vietnam.
Bruce and I, Martin Espinosa, Mark Lightcap and George Miller moved into this house.  Doug Williams quit the band around the time we moved from the Laural Ave. Apartments, which was the next best thing to a band house that we had at the time.  Phil Holmboe  quit the band about the time we moved into the Hillman House as well.  this made us a four piece band but we wern't missing anything key.  George Miller left the group right after I went into the army, I found out about it in a letter.   
Mary the Hooker who had been a regular band girl from the time I met her on the bus up El Camino Real from San Jose, saw us at the Airport on an adventure, and told me she was going to Japan.

Craig R. Pedersen and Carmel Gene when they started going together.
Craig R. Pedersen and Carmel Gene after they got married in 1979
But the new house atttracted a new group of girls, , including Annika "Nicki" Nothman, from Sweden, who just moved in next door with her older half sister Tina
and her husband,  Ardean, Peggy and Christeen  from the Burlingame area, and Judy, who was the girl fiend of Al Malmo who worked for Martin's new landscaping business.  They all became regular band girls.  Nicki was interested in Mark at this time, and Ardean was obsessed with some of the darker artwork and  Black Magic that I was studing at the time.  Also one of the bands entourage at the time was Chuck Ferron who played guitar, and helped as a roadie but was never a member of the band itself.  He was one of the family though.  There was also Bob "Bogous" Foster who's mother had him living with Bruce and I when we were on Laural Ave, Belmont , when he was only thirteen,  We were both ninteeen at the time.  Bob was the youngest of six kids and the only boy although his mother soon had two younger brothers after him.   He didn't take kindly to his father treating him like one of the girls and was raising hell in the house, punching holes though the walls, doors etc.
Documentry on Uther Pendragon
Uther Pendragon Signed 40 Years Late
Guerssen Records Discovered Them on Internet

Guerssen Records just signed contracts with representatives of Uther Pendragon for a three platter, five sided Vinyl LP, a CD, and downloads on iTunes as well as other download sites.  Thirty eight years after the band broke up, Representatives of Guerssen Records discovered a link to this very site and watched the documentary below.  Alex Carretero, a representative of Guerssen
Records who discovered the site made some contact a year ago by e-mail.  After some time elapsed, he contacted Mark Lightcap to offer the band a contract for this release, which is tentatively to be called, "San Francisco Earthquake".
Guerssen Records is a "Reissue" label who caters to a special kind of fan of period music, mostly 60's, 70's and eighties.  They decided to do this unusual release because they have never come across this much unreleased music, already recorded.  They were surprised that no one had signed the band back in the sixties.
Devils Due                 
Spanish Fly 
Realms Of 7 Planes
You’re A Human Now (Intro) 
You’re A Human Now 
See It My Way 
10 Miles To Freedom
King Muskrat 
Do What You Want 
Bing Bang 
San Francisco Earthquake
Music Box
Love Lock Temperature Drop
Peter Pan Blowup 
Meanie Jeanie - Old Man
They’ll Never Last 

Songs Included on Pendragons
"San Francisco Earthquake" LP
First look at the album Cover for Uther  Pendragons new Guerssen Records release "San Franciscon Earthquake",now in the plant for production. 
At present, members of Uther Pendragon are being interviewed by Owner and Editor-In-Chief of "It's Psychedelic Baby" Magazine, Klemen Breznikar. 
I just sent my parts to Mark who will forward them to the editor.  This is the second interview by magazines who specialize in 60's-70's San Francisco souned, better know as Psychedelic Music, which Uther Pendragon was a example.. 
We were also interviewed by Ugly things Magazine who wrote the albums liner notes.  We are very pleased with what  they wrote for the album notes. 
It's Psychedelic Baby MagazineI Published their feature on San Francisco Earthquake" from Guerssen Records, Spain, and the band who recorded it over forty years ago.  It was published December 2nd for the release this January.   We got this Email from the Publisher.

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to let you know, that tomorrow we are publishing our interview. It's absolutely an amazing story and our magazine is proud to be part of it. I'll get back with links and everything. Many thanks for taking your time and effort. Your music is absolutely incredible. I've heard thousands of albums, but I truly believe this will be among the top 10.

Best Regards,
Owner and Editor-In-Chief of
"It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine"
Klemen Breznikar
This is an artical on Blue Fever etc., written by Craig Pedersen some years ago.  This is a possible Site where Guerssen Records could have discovered Uther Pendragons firts Persona.
Uther Pendragons "San Francisco Earthquake" Album teaser.
The Complete "San Francisco Earthquake"  Album Package from Guerssen Records no9w set for a January 14 release date.  Guerssen has been getting the album set up for sales on itunes, Google play and Guerssens own store know as Bandcamp.
Guerssens Writeup  on its Bandcamp Website
A treasure trove of previously unreleased West Coast guitar psychedelia, 1966-1975

“Uther Pendragon was more than just a band, it was a family. Closer than brothers, they lived together, made music together, worked, played, laughed, cried and dreamed together”. – Mike Stax (Ugly Things)
This is the incredible story of Uther Pendragon: a lost psychedelic band from San Francisco whose music has remained buried until now.
Formed in the Bay Area in 1966 as a teen garage group called Blue Fever, Uther Pendragon lasted from 1966 until 1978. During that time, the band went through different names and phases, as their music evolved from garage to psychedelia to hard-rock: they were known as Blue Fever, Timne, Hodological Mandala, Mandala, Kodiac, Justus, Pendragon…but the core of the band remained always the same: Mark Lightcap (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bruce Marelich (lead guitar, vocals) and Martin Espinosa (bass, vocals) who after finding their ultimate drummer on Mike Beers, finally settled on the Uther Pendragon name in the early 70s.

But despite being in active for all that time and recording lot of tapes and demos at different studios (including their own one in Palo Alto), Uther Pendragon never released any recording at the time. They’re not even a footnote on the books about the San Francisco Sound or a small name at those psychedelic posters of the time. Nothing. It’s as if they never existed. Until now.

Their complex and fascinating story, which involves winning a Bay Area Battle Of The Bands and playing with Country Joe & The Fish, recording a killer garage-psych 7” acetate in 1967, going to the legendary Pacific Sound Recording studios in 1969 to record a demo, living as a family in the same house for many years and rehearsing 7 days a week, building their own recording studio and music corporation, being managed by Craig Pedersen (Something Wild, Tripsichord Music Box), being involved in an occult-themed rock opera called Sabbat, and much more, is being told with all details by Mike Stax from Ugly Things in the extensive liner notes.

Culled from the band’s vast archive of tapes, “San Francisco Earthquake” includes their unknown until now 7” acetate from 1967 (fab garage-psych in the vein of Human Expression or Music Machine); never released ’66-‘69 tracks including a groundbreaking, moody psycher from 1966; a prev. unreleased demo tape from 1969 recorded at Pacific Recording - an incredible document for any lover of early SF garage-psych (think Oxford Circle, Savage Resurrection, Moby Grape…) and many tracks recorded at their home studio in Palo Alto. We’re talking 100% unadulterated West Coast guitar psych and hard-rock which recall QMS and even Kurihara-era White Heaven.

*Purple / Gold Hotfoil Box-Set with 3 vinyl LPs
*8-page insert with detailed liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things) and rare photos
*Sourced from the original master tapes
“Although they recorded extensively, Uther Pendragon did not release any records in their original lifetime, a situation that has now been rectified in grand style with this sprawling three-disc collection.” – Mike Stax (Ugly Things)

“Really cutting edge music from where teen garage became early raw psych. You can hear the early SF anarchy in the music, much like Oxford Circle. Impressive!” – Patrick Lundborg


You can purchase the 3LP Box-Set / 2CD at: www.guerssen.com
released December 18, 2015