The Ban
Tripsicord Music Box
70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
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The Ban
Randy Gordon (Guzman), drums, vocals
Tony McGuire, Guitar, vocals,
Oliver McKinney, Keyboards, vocals,
Frank Straight, Bass
45:1 Bye-Bye/Now That I'm Hoping (Brent 7049) 1965
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From Lompoc Calfornia, this bunch evolved into Now, when Tony Mcuire was drafted  and David Zandonatti came aboard.  They subsequently relocated to San Francisco, hoked up with Producer Matthew Katz and became Tripsichord Music Box!!
The Ban - left to right: Oliver McKinney, Randy Gordon, Frank Straight, Tony McGuire taken in Santa Maria church building where they were practicing prior to "Something Wild" also practicing there.  This was the original group!
The Ban went to L.A. and changed their name to Now, Then went to to San Francisco and Changed it again to Tripsicord Music Box, then to Just Tripsicord..  This is the cover of their Album LP later CD.  can still be found on the internet