Pendragon Song Book
70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
Pendragon's Original
Song Book
from their Kodiak Period
Luxurie's Draft
Court Yard
Music Box
Thoughts & Illusions
This Is The Year
Mr. Preacher Man
The Begger
Mr. Jones
Pay The Price

You're a Human Now

Starving friend
Elmo Fritwater
India Ink
Magical Door
Signify Justice
Out On A Limb
From Here To There

Fair Maiden
I'm On The Road Again

This Trail
Always Together
Bruce found a song book of original Pendragon lyric's from the Kodiak period of the band.  I am just starting out this section and will add additional materal as time goes by.  The period is 1969 -1970 for most of this material, before I went into the Army and over to Vietnam.  The original sheets were done by a girl I knew through my cousin Cooky, named Linda, I think , who worked for a company called Veri-type, who made equipment to do graphic paste up for printing.  This was from the Hill View band house in Belmont.
Many Many More
Ten Miles To Freedom.
Fisherman Sam.
Side Of The Dawn

You See The Rose (< href="youseetherose.mp3"> click to download mp3)