70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
Gigs and Stuff
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Club Restaurantt.on Monterey in San Jose,  Big time agent in the house.  We had played this club several times and it was one of the first times tha we had a body guard with us.  Eric Wickland was his name.
Fog Horn Nightclub Class Reunion for Jim Plunkets high school Class, with him there as the guest of honor, already a NFL Quarterback, after 4 brilliant years as Stanfords Star . We wer already living in the Chester St. Band house.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Complex
Stanford Linear Accelerator Complex
Additional Gigs And Stuff

Video Recording Eric Burdon & War At the Odessesy Room In Sunnyvale


Mendolson Political Party (San Francisco)

California St. House of George Cory, (" Left MY Heart InSan

Joey Wells (Bill Haily and the Comets piano player)

Cleve Howard

Fast Eddy

Lenny Willians, (Singer of Tower of Power)


Writer of "Midnight on the Oasis" Meliney

The Lane Party;  Soviet elite, console general, Poets, artists, Writers, A Pallerina, Richard Lane was a Soviet language specialist who worked for Hoover Library, Stanford University, Brought home Alaxander Solsinitzen after he came to this country.  "The Gulog Archipelligo"

Video a live Musical being put on at Marin Junior College

Oakland Art institute, Video session.

San Carlos Outdoor Concert.  Park off Alamedia Blvd,

Homestead High School Gig.

Millbrea High School Graduation Party

Burlingame Clubs

Menlo Atheron High School (private School in Menlo Park)

Veterans Hospital, Willow Road Complex

Veterans Hospital, Palo Alto,

Catholic Youth Centers, Belmont at Alamedia & Ralston Ave.

Coconut Grove, Santa Cruz

Clubs we built:   Stages Lighting etc.
Mahogany's, San Leandro;
Guckinheiners, Palo Alto, Became Keystone Palo Alto,
The Anxous Asp, Height Street, San Francisco,
Gay disco, Downtown Oakland.

Promotion of Banana Records in Palo Alto, (El Camino Real) Makes it into Life Magazine's Picture of the week.  "Pre Earthquake Sale"  Belfasts foot prints could be seen in the photo if you looked carefully

Things that happened around us:
Zebra killings

Height Street Menlo Park Raids looking for Patty Hearst,

Debra Davis Kidnapped by escapee

Debra Davis in Redwood City Jail with Patty hearst when she was captured,

Dinner at Senior Pico's next to William Randalf Hearst, his wife and he sister, just days before she is captured.

Vensaramos Arrest down the street next to Monique Lanes house.  Communist cell group organized by Stanford Universitys English Professor, H.Bruce Franklin.  Explosives removed from house. change of enue took th case to my brother court in San Benradeno, where he was the jury commissionar. 

Questioned in the death of Martins College Roommate's Brother who "Committed Suicide" with mysterious circumstances. 

"Ike And Tina Turner Review" house band of "The Embers Club"
on El Camino Real in Atherton Redwood City boundry when we moved into the Atherton Band House.

Filming of segment for "Hearld and Maude" at El Camino Real and Fifth Ave, Redwood city.

Delivering 2 quarts of Scotch Whisky to the home of Shirley Temple Black and her husband in Athertom. 

Living in the same neighborhood with Joe Bannano, meeting young woman at SanMateo whos name was Mary Bannano, and claimed to be related.

Pendragon Brroshure Found, have a look. Just touch the picture with your curser and click