Pendragon Became much more than a Rock & Roll Band.  When we needed money for the expensive equipment and things Martin Started Martin Enterprises, A landscape contractor, that became a general contractor.
When we opened the UPCO Recording Studio, we started Concept's Exchange International, Which was Audio & Video Recording, Record Promoting and Booking.
When we first bought the Chester Street Band House We realised that we needed a better place to practice and run our both our business's.

We rented a 4000 square foot warehouse just off University And El Camino Real (Across from The Stanford University Entry Gate).
Our Business
70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
UPCO Recording Studio
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On of the first machines we had to record the band with was an Akai  with two tube preamps.  we got this machine when we were in the HillView Band house from someone who had it in his trunk whenhe had a traffic collision.  the case was damaged so he took it apart and did some simple repair but had taken so long between taking it apart and putting it back together.  it tooke most of the evening to get it back together, but I did.  it was Ok for recording, but not great, it really wouldn't do to make dub tapes from, so we booked time a San Mateo's, Pacific Recording Studio.  

Concept's Exchange International
Band  Equipment
Bruce's Les Paul is on he bought around 1969, when they were jst being released again after years of being off the market.  This Les Paul is also a gold face Guitar which is the most popular color for this famous machine.  Prices on this issue presently range for $4000 to $10,000 depending on the condition.