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70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
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The Blue Fever
The bands First name was The Blue Fever and the first big gig they played together was in Oroville, California where they played Second bill to "Cellar Window".  much of the gear, amps and speakers were owned by the Manager of the group, who was also the manager of "Cellar Window".  The group included: Martin Espinosa, Derek French, Phil "Fayden*" Holmboe,  Mark Lightcap, Bruce Marelich and Doug Williams.  These are the only pictures we found of that gig.
The band made $125 for this gig and had to rent a motel and eat and get back on forth to the bay area on that.
The Blue Fever
At Oroville California
The Blue Fever playing for the kids at at Hillcrest Reformitory for Juveniles, San Mateo County, Feb 1967.  The music at this time was mostly cover tunes, songs like "Gloria" and "House Of The Rising Sun".  This was during the hay day of the British Wave and the beinning of the Folk Rock Sound.
Left to right: Mark Lightcap, Martin Espinosa. Derek French. Phil "Fayden" Holmboe, Bruce Marelich, Doug Williams.
The Blue Fever
* Phil Holmboe, the bands front man at the time decided to change his name to Fadyen along the way but I don't remember exactly when.  Editor
The Battle of the Bands at College of San Mateo, May 26,1967 at the schools  Spring Carnival. 
Some of the songs they played:

Sixteen Tons
Midnight Hour
Lolly Pop Train
I'm Mad
Kids Are All Right
I Need You
Time Won't Let Me
Hey Joe
I'm On The Road Again

Some of the originals were:

Peter Pan Blowup, Fayden
Love Lock Temperature Drop, Fayen
Papa's Not The Deal,  Fayden
Essense of a Dead Robin, Fayden
Music Box, Bruce
Kristina, Bruce
Don't Ever Leave Me,
Hey Girl
The Blue Fever did well at the CSM battle of the bands and the played a second one later on.  Stevie Nicks was a judge on one of these events thou I don't remember which one right now.  George Miller, (Above) had taken Derek Frenchs Place in the band when Derek got drafted.
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Teen Club - April 21, 1967
Maritime Day and Regatta, Sponsered by the Propeller Club May 20, 1967
College of San Mateo Battle of the Bands May 26, 1967
The Blue Fever "Kristina"
By Bruce Marelich
The Blue Fever "Music Box"
By Bruce Marelich