Welcome to our new Web site! This is where you can learn more about us. I will chronicle the rock band Pendragon, as well as the rock world of the period.
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70's San Francisco Rock & Roll Band
This Is me (Craig R. Pedersen) in the living room of our Chester St. Band House, which we bought from a local doctor in about 1972.   This house was at 215 Chester St., Menlo Park, Ca.
The house was an expression of my art as much as anyone's, I built the chairs, tables, couches were made of redwood with a deep cut burned finish, the mantel was rail road ties, the walls were done in aged redwood, taken from a fence near our Palo Alto recording studio. 
Even the artwork on the walls is mine, mostly block prints done while in the army several years before this picture was taken.
Pendragon was not the first band I worked with, I first started working with rock bands in high school, in Lompoc, California, in 1964.
A friend of mine was a DJ on the local radi playing rock and roll music KNEZ Radio.  His name professionally was Dave Sherwood, A.K.A. David Sliverbrand.
After a  wild incendent just after the new year in 1964, with an older female fan, I realized that rock & roll attracted women like files on.... well anyway, the stationowner had a sone "Chip" Cannon who had a group called "Me,. And The Rest Of Us" who I talked into letting me manage them.
I worked with Frank Straights local group called "The Ban" The first local long hair group after the phenomenal success of "The Beatles" in 1963.
By the time I got to college, I was working on productions at the college, with name groups of the time like "Peter & Gordon" , "Phoenix", "The Vejtables", "The Deep Six", "Bola Sete", "Joan Hoffman Trio","John Handy Quintet", "Vince Garraldy" (Baby Elephant Walk)," Al Hert","The Houston Symphony",Vanilla Fudge", "Strawberry Alarm Clock " At a Santa Barbara Beach Party Concert. 

       Something  Wild Bill Evans, Joe Geppi, Kal X Blue, Bill Payne, Bill "Rufus" Peckham 

At the same time I was still promoting several local groups, "Something Wild" which featured Kal X Blue as a Chicago style blues singer and an organist named Bill Payne, who would later joined the legendary c group "Little Feat", The Gravestones, and many others in a production company I called Central Coast Artist's.
By this time, I had  done concerts for the local schools,  at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Santa Maria Calif.,both the Sisquac and the Lompoc Grainge Halls, and the Dolphin Club in Solvang California.

The Beatles had their last public concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco the same ear I left college and moved to San Francisco , Where a new sound in music was being born with groups like  the Vejtables, who I met when the did a concert for me at Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria, California.  Bob Bailly (Bob Edwards), of the Vejtables told me that San Francisco was where it was happening, with a new movement of young people know as the "Hippies".


The Story of that weekend concert with "The Vejtables" is on the cover liner of the groups re-lease of their original material in the early Nineties, "

I moved to San Jose, Calif, that summer, 1967.  I got a job there, and met a guy on my new job who had a rock band named "Timne" who practiced at a local shooting range in San Carlos Ca.
Timne had recently won a "Battle Of the Bands" at the Peninsula Drive in.  The got to play with a favorite band at the time known as  "Country Joe and the Fish", featuring Country Joe McDonald, and the "Head Lights".
Bob Edwards, who went by Bob Bailey  (his step fathers name) at the time is second from the right.  Jan Erico center was the drummer for "The Vejtables" and later for the "MoJo Men" who we saw severl times a a club in Burlingame.  This album was re-released in 1996 and is available  at  Amazon.com under  search records, keywords The Vejtables
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